accountability for improvement


The obligation and the ability of an individual or an organisation to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them and disclose the impact of those activities in a transparent manner

School networks, teaching school alliances, children’s centres and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) continue to evolve and must increasingly establish and maintain comprehensive, on-going accountability frameworks. Demonstrating clear accountability is an important focus of system and MAT leadership. This changing landscape requires improved clarity, consistency and continuity around accountability.

improvement programme

The way in which ‘accountability’ is interpreted and applied in the education sector is either very specific and related to pupil outcome measures or vague, diverse and dependant upon perspective.

Across a complex organisation like a school or any type of school network, clarity, consistency and continuity around accountability and holistic performance are vital.

Through A4i improve accountability in identified areas of school or network performance, including strengthening of Ofsted preparation.

training programme

Our accountability training programme offers a consistent, results-driven methodology for deepening an organisation’s understanding of the concept of accountability and of how to build an accountability framework that successfully promotes improved outcomes for children and young people.

Our six-phase programme is relevant to schools, MATs and LAs and is delivered as a bespoke package in three stages:
  1. Training on what effective accountability means and looks like in practice;
  2. Collaborative evaluation of your accountability systems; and,
  3. Implementing and using the framework.

leadership programme

Leverage the knowledge, experience and innovative ideas of your teams and build leadership capacity at all levels. Increase understanding of effective accountability in support of leadership development, succession planning, and governance.

Take the fear out of accountability and build a framework that is linked to outcomes and embedded at all levels of the school or network of schools.

Lead with credibility in the school improvement space and see the MAT or network as a business model as well as an educational hub.