iEd consultancy

transformational change

iEd works with schools, local authorities and trusts looking for an effective accountability framework to help support improvement, application and transition to academy status and transformation of services.

Our bespoke services will help you and your organisation to achieve your strategic goals and operational objectives.

strategic development

iEd helps to establish innovative world class provision and outstanding performance by
working in partnership with local school and community leadership to demonstrate how that provider or organisation is making best use of the resources and funding made available to it in order to best meet the identified needs of the community it serves.

iEd then works in support of transformational change of an organisation by considering what change could look like and what appropriate structures of governance and leadership would be best placed to support that change.

risk management

iEd creates individual, team and cultural change, by strengthening motivation, improving stakeholder engagement, driving accountability for improvement and by the identification and mitigation of risk. It does this by offering a bespoke combination of services.

iEd enables the leadership of a school or a group of schools, including a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) or an authority to maintain an effective and on-going overview of responsibility and accountability for improvement alongside the identification and mitigation of risk.

tools and blueprints for system leadership

iEd is there to help leaders of provision looking for an effective accountability framework to help support their school improvement, transformation to academy, becoming part of a network or transforming its services as a Local Authority.

iEd places a focus on the whole school system or network and on all stakeholders being aware of the school or network's trajectory and how they can best contribute to that flightpath.

iEd will help to build your network to access the best provision to assist in strengthening your achievement and in delivering your aspirations.