iEd's values

matching solution to need

iEd is a values based organisation. iEd’s vision is to transform educational provision by innovation, inspiration and intelligence, through investment and integrity.

iEd's mission is to help establish innovative world class provision and outstanding performance by working in partnership with local community leadership to demonstrate how that provider or organisation is making best use of the resources and funding made available to it in order to best meet the identified needs of the community it serves.

iEd provides school leaders with practical solutions to the challenges faced in the pursuit of better outcomes for their pupils and in leading their organisations through periods of change and transformation. We help support education stakeholders and organisations to better understand, prepare for and implement effective autonomy and accountability for improvement.


We believe in the effective use of innovation in an appropriate balance with the effective deployment of people. The quality of our people and relationships is directly linked to our results.

iEd makes effective use of innovation that places a focus upon:
  • the learner - where new approaches and technologies are used contextually and for the sole advantage of the learner
  • access - where the needs of all are recognised and where learning is not seen to be confined to school
  • portrayal - where responsible authorities are able to portray performance, risk and trajectory of improvement alongside how they are making best use of the funding and resources made available to them
  • the anatomy of vulnerability - where risk identification and mitigation, including the modelling of organisational growth, is managed in a systematic way


We inspire and invest in our people. We identify and promote talent with career and professional development opportunities. We believe staff see equity at work when people are rewarded for their performance, and when we enable our people to reach their full potential.

iEd makes effective use of inspiration that places a focus on:
  • aspiration – where all are empowered to strive to meet their greatest ambition and to achieve their best
  • the customer – where need is identified and resource is allocated to match that need, learning is personalised to the needs of the individual learner
  • capacity building and community development – where leaders and learning communities build capacity to further help themselves through empowerment and motivation and where succession planning is not an after thought
  • autonomy – where local independence is made sustainable through a model of resilience and effectiveness that is able to shift and adapt


We focus on knowing our clients. Our partnership culture emphasises working on behalf of our clients in a seamless way, aligning our goals, having a culture of transparency and of mutual trust and respect. Integrity is the key element that our staff value most.

iEd makes effective use of intelligence that places a focus upon:
  • clarity of purpose – where each individual has a personalised plan and each learning community has a single strategic pathway which is monitored effectively and through which all understand how they can contribute
  • saving money – where resources are not wasted, brokerage is cohesive and the dots are joined across education, health and social care
  • transformation – where stakeholders are empowered to take courageous action and lead improvement that influences local and national policy and decision making
  • accountability – where oversight and portrayal of performance and accountability is robust and where leaders and governors are not so fearful of their growing responsibilities and accountabilities

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